Special Road Marshal


The Special Road Marshals are the volunteer arm of the National Road Users Association.)… “the unit” which shall consist of such number of uniform and non-uniform members as may be determined, from time to time, by the Association. They are men and women of means, with proven integrity in society, and able to influence their immediate environment (work place/community) in favour of the course for road safety. The Act empowers the Special Marshals to carry out patrol and other activities that ensure good road usage on our highways.

The Special Marshals are administered by a Department headed by an Deputy Units Marshal (DU M). The department is called Special Duties and External Relations.

There are four (4) levels of Special Marshals Administration

  1. Unit Level
    The Unit Command is the grass root level of the Commission. Special Marshals at this level are coordinated by a Special Marshals Unit Coordinator who is responsible for the Unit. Like any other level, there could be more than one Special Marshals Unit with at least fifteen members.
  2. State / Sector Level
    At the Sector level, the Special Marshals are coordinated by the State Coordinator who is responsible to the Sector Unit. The jurisdiction of the State Coordinator covers all the Special Marshals at the Unit and State levels.
  3. Zonal Level
    Some Zonal Commands have two or three states while some have four. The Special Marshals in each zone are coordinated by a Zonal Coordinator who is responsible for the Zonal Director. There are no Zonal Special Marshals, the Director administers the Special Marshals through their respective Heads of Special Marshals in their Units.
  4. National Level
    This is the Management body of the Special Marshals, at the National Level, the Special Marshals are headed by the National Coordinator who is responsible to their operations. He oversees the affairs of the Special Marshals at the National Level. He liaises between the Special Marshals and the Management of the Units.
  • National Coordinator
  • Deputy national Coordinator
  • National Secretary
  • Asst National Secretary
  • National Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer.

What You Will Do

  • Monitor road users and Road Marshals with a view to providing constructive feedback to the Commission.
  • Patrol the highways and control traffic on group basis.
  • Participate in research activities relevant to road safety.
  • Organize, sponsor or participate in workshops, public enlightenment programmers and Road Safety Campaigns.
  • Organize and encourage Road Safety Clubs.

What we can offer you

  • Chance for full time with the Association after 6Months of service.