The key challenges affecting the workforce of African health care systems, which range from under-investment to poor planning and management of personnel, limited alignment between skills and needs, weak management and leadership.

There are multi-factorial genesis that involves several sectors (health, education, finance, etc.) and stakeholders (government, professional associations, private sector, etc.). Country solutions have to be tailored to specific needs.

Advocacy targets and necessary policy processes at national, regional and international level are outlined.

  • Key policy options to address the poor healthcare delivery crisis include:
  • A renewed focus on the primary health care approach and the investment in health workers whose skills set most closely match the needs for basic health services at community level.
  • Retention of skilled health workers, including improved remuneration.
  • Expansion of numbers and competencies of mid-level health care providers.
  • Review and evaluation of training capacity to improve provider skills and performance.
  • Investment in continuing professional development.