Lagos – Abia Economic Summit

Lagos – Abia Economic and Investment Summit seeks to create a common platform for exploring, expanding and developing areas of economic development and Investment between the two states.

Jobcentre Africa seeks to workout strategic synergy between the two commercial States, to foster youth employment and greater economic impact on the Country’s Gross Domestic Product.

This will enable the two States expand their current level of economic and investment cooperation between them especially in key areas of Governance, Security, Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), Agricultural Value Chain, Tourism, Education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Skills Development. Other areas would include Commerce with specific focus on ease of doing business and Infrastructure in Power, Transportation and Urban Waste Management. The objectives of the Summit, among others, are to establish a formal and flexible framework between the two States to expand trade and investment cooperation, foster scientific and technological collaboration for business development in emerging key sectors, strengthen communication, enhance trust, boost economic development and create jobs.

The Summit would also ensure the two States set up a Technical Working Group to oversee the implementation of their agreed objectives.